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Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Monday - and a Date with Carpenter!

First problem: This little cupboard is 9 inches wide and 23 inches deep.  It's a great place for cookie sheets and baking pans but ends up looking like this. Not cool.  We usually open the door, shove in the baking sheet that needs to go in and hope that the door will close.

The drawer under the stove is usually a mess as well.  If the pans get too high up they fall out the back and then the drawer won't shut.

So yesterday, my man was hurting from an accident with a log, but wanted to do more than sit around and watch T.V.  So I asked if he would help with the first problem, and he was willing and able. 

Out comes my trusty tool kit.

All the things that should not be in with the baking pans

What is left.   It would be fine to leave it that way, but I need it to be inconvenient to put any of those other things back in here.

The measurements

Cutting the shelf to size

Cutting the walls to size - we only used scraps that were laying around and didn't buy anything.

He wanted to be in the garage with us and quickly found a broom and started sweeping.  Yes, he is in his church clothes, but so were Dad and I.

A cut to put the paneling wall into.

Making another cut

The paneling is going to fit

Sanding it for a smoother finish

The glue

and nails

and now adding the final piece to make up for a cut that was too short

Finished product,
 The one problem we had was getting it into the cupboard, so it shouldn't have been quite this far along before we put it in.
The drawer looks better too.  I moved out the bundt pan which I rarely use and the broiler stuff, or whatever those pieces were.  Grill tools, loaf pans and pizza pans are all that is left.

Making the most of today

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