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Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Monday - pan cupboard

I wanted to let you see how the quilt is coming along.  Here's the picture of all the blocks together.
The maple tree in the backyard and Grandpa's shed are the red blocks.  The next half will have the house.

This is the pan cupboard that has been giving me fits.  Everytime the kids dry dishes, it turns out like this.  I must admit when I'm in a hurry and it's already bad.  I put a pan in there and close the door too.  Then I hold my breath to see if it will stay closed. 

It's not a big cupboard and it's just for cooking pots and pans.  So I pulled everything out.  Empty cupboards are so much easier to work with. 

The next step should be a plan of the space and seeing what would utilize the space best.  I'm not that type of girl.  For me, it's put the screw here, and oops, that won't work....o.k. so take that out and try again.  Not exactly the best idea.  But I only had to take two hooks out so....didn't hurt me too much this time.

I used cup hooks as opposed to screws because of my lids.  This is the first hook I put in - on the door. It's a great idea but as you'll find later it didn't work.

Somewhere along the way, I eliminated a couple of things that I rarely use.

The pot is super tiny and we rarely use it.  We have a slightly bigger one that can be used instead.  And this steamer never gets used as well.  So they'll be relegated to one of those corners in my kitchen that are hard to get to.

Next was hanging some lids.  Some pots were too tall, and I always use the lid with them and one lid was too big to hang.  So I was left with two lids that would hang well, right next to their pot. 

About screwing in the cup hooks:  for those who haven't done this before it can be done by hand with no tool.  But it will get pretty frustrating trying to get it started.  So take a hammer and a nail (about the same size as the screw part of your hook.  And give a couple of whacks on the hammer till the tip of the nail is in the wood.  Then pull it out and put your hook in. 

I don't use the lids often and usually they get stacked when the pots are out, and then the chaos spirals out of control.  If I can keep the lids out of the way, it will be a great help.

And that all took me about a half hour with my tool kit (pink so no boys will steal away my tools - but it's not working) and a flashlight.  Those nail holes are hard to find when you're working in the back of  the cupboard. 

Since I had the hooks in my handy tool bag, this project didn't cost me anything but about a half-hour of time.  I found quite a few great things on Pinterest but all were more costly to me.
Here's the final look.  There is a frying pan right behind the tall pan in front.  But for access to the pans you only have to remove one pan.  Now I need to figure out how to make my pans look pretty again.  The outsides get washed, but not scrubbed very well. 

So maybe while we're on the pan theme, I'll take next week to see about getting them scrubbed.  If I can't figure it out, we'll do the baking pan cupboard. 

Here's what that looks like.  In desparate need of some help, don't you think.  Already I can see some things that don't belong.  Have a great Monday.

Making the most of today,

Today we're up to Numbers 9 - I'm a bit behind as I missed yesterday, and Psalm 17.  I'm going to be working on Romans 1:17-18 this week.

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