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Friday, February 22, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Household - my view

Every once in awhile, I have to re-evaluate my perspective - my view on my role in this house.  Because it quickly gDo I want to spend ets messed up by the things I see around me.  I want what I see, but do I really???  At what cost?

Do I want to spend my life working away at a job so that I can have nice things that others have?  We do not have everything that we want or even think we need because I stay at home and homeschool three of our children.  We also don't have everything we want  because three of ours go to the school at our church. 

I want to clarify that I believe that this is not a cookie cutter world.  So because we all have families made up of different people and we are all in different situations, things will and should look differently for everyone.

But lately I've been wishing for a way to do something more from home.  I've been putting in my time with my kids and not really applying myself to what they need for growth. 

So I need to spend a bit of time reminding myself that they are not distractions but they are the work, as my step-sister said in her blog. 

Because the world views things differently, I have to keep reminding myself of this truth.  A good way is to be in the Word and listen to Christian radio and memorizing verses and filling my head with truth.  Because this world get pretty loud and the more I fill my mind with truths from God's Word, the harder it is to hear the world view that is so prominent.

So today, I'm going to work on my memory work, read the Word, and leave the TV off.

Making the most of today

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