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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tickets and Free passes

There are two new things I'm trying in our homeschooling to help our boys do better.  The first we've been doing for awhile - tickets.  This is for media-time. 

They earn it by doing well on their quizzes and tests, by going through their flip-schedule, by being the go-to-guy (twice a week they are the one I call on for certain things), and finally sometimes they choose to skip the candy and take media time instead. 

The Wii and computer time has been something that overtakes our home.  Each one wants a certain amount of time and if one gets it they all feel that they should get equal time. 

Now, at least for the older ones, when they earn a ticket, I give it to them.  They keep it in their homeschool binder, and turn them in when they want to use them.  If they want to go over they have to reserve a 5 minute ticket, that they can turn in. 

I still must be vigilant about the Wii and faithful to give them tickets and request them before they play.

They don't look like much, but the kids like them.
 Another incentive that I will be starting to implement today is for just one child.  It is truly for all of them, but only one is ahead.  Yesterday he got a free day, except for History.  He got braces on Monday and while he wasn't feeling terrible, Mom needed a lighter day.
He's not ahead in all the subjects.  He had to work on History yesterday, but in every other one he's ahead at least two days.  So he'll be getting a bunch of these today as incentive for the other boys to earn a few.  I may add that it is worth some time as well.  Not sure.

It's all about me learning to be diligent and vigilant with my boys.  If I overlook their laziness and let them slide through in school, I'm not helping them at all.  And honestly, it reveals a lot about me. 

I'm not saying there aren't days where we may just say, "Lazy day!!!!" which never really turns out to be too lazy after all.  It's just we don't do school, but we clean up the yard or the garage and do something (usually work) together.

This is just a note about what works for me.  Maybe it will give you an idea about what might work for you.  Or maybe you already have it all figured out, can you share your system with us? 

Today is a busy day for us - it's been a busy week.  Monday was a day off of babysitting, but I took Waterman and Tank to the orthodontist and we picked up a guitar for Sharpie, and then an appointment for taxes.  Jules was not feeling well so she stayed home with Tractorman and Jones and Sharpie.  Only Bugaboo had school, as Tank had finished his over the weekend.  

Seriously, I was a bit exasperated as at 8:00 at night, he got his math out and was asking me questions about it.  I should have been happy about it, and I was on Monday. :)

Tuesday was full with four little ones in the morning, and best of all, quilt guild last night. And today pizza kits arrive for me to sort and deliver after Awana tonight.  Thankfully the winter storm is holding off till after that.  And then tomorrow, maybe I'll curl up on the couch with some pieces of cloth and work on some of the projects for guild.  Ah, wouldn't it be fun to be ahead?   Yeah, that's probably not going to happen. :)

Making the most of today

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