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Monday, February 4, 2013

A change for the better

This is going to be a somewhat short post.  A busy weekend doing a fundraiser for our youth group girls who are going to Mexico left me with little time to think about what the project for today would be.  But then I thought back to a project I had last week -- this!

The room downstairs is really a small open area that doesn't have a designation.  It has been called many things since we've been here...schoolroom, nursery, etc. 

Lately it's been called H-'s room and the nursery.  No babies sleep in there and none are allowed to play in there, but it's where I keep their stuff and change them.  Also on the occasion that H- comes to stay with us (a weekend every one or two months) she stays in that room because it's on the main floor and she can't do stairs.

But there is no place for the pre-schoolers to play with their toys except a small hallway about four foot by seven foot.  And it's a hallway, so I was always stepping over them with their trains or Legos.  So I have been considering what to do with it.  It seemed silly to leave the bookshelves up like that blocking the room off.
So I pushed the bookshelves against the wall.  You can see H-'s bed up against the back wall.  I know it doesn't look great, so I have yet to work on that.  But there is nowhere else, unless we take it to the basement and we've hauled it up and down the stairs too many times for me or the boys to want to do that anymore. 

The preschoolers love having more room to spread out their trains and stuff.  They play in here for hours.  Legos and trains are fine in here because the babies aren't given access to this room on the main floor.   As long as they don't bring their stuff into the living room, the babies can't get legos in their mouths. 

So much for a short post, but I am happy with the new space.  Now for organizing and finding good spots for everything. 

Making the most of today

Today brings us to Leviticus 15 and Psalm 10.  Still working on Romans 1:1-12 for memory.

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