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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday's household - cleaning bedrooms

I may have already posted about this, but something I'm finding is that I'm not a routine person.   That being the case, we'll see how long this lasts.  The things that do last are the ones that work for our family.  Which means that you may (like me) try a bunch of different ideas, and then finally find the one thing that works for you and your family.

Since we have 5 rooms we're keeping up on, I find it overwhelming to go in their rooms and see all the stuff all over the floor, desks and piled in the closets. 

One thing I have to remind myself is "If they have stuff everywhere, they have too much stuff."  So I've taken the idea a long time ago that if I must go into their rooms to clean them, then I have the right to take things out of that room and give them away or throw them away.

So, I have an idea that may or may not be helpful to our family.  I'm sharing it because whether or not it is helpful to us, it may be helpful to you.
This is my planner.  I really like it and it works well for me as long as I use it.  What's new is the little tabs that I put in there.  For each day, I have a job in the bedrooms, Mondays is beds and under them, Tuesday is closet, Wednesday is the dresser, Thursday is the desk and Friday is the floor. 

Monday - the bed and under the bed   This takes care of the need for changing sheets, and replacing them with clean ones if necessary.  Also cleaning out from under each bed.

Tuesday - the closet   Straightening the hangars, and cleaning of the next shelf.  This week was the second shelf.  It's a bit hard to restrain myself from doing more, but I remind myself that I have four other closets to work on and that helps.

Wednesday - dressers  I go through their top drawer and make sure the right things are in that drawer and put away but don't organize the other drawers.  Again I have quite a few other drawers to work on, so I limit myself. 

Thursday -  desks  Usually I can get the kids to do this in the morning before school or after they get home.  Then I don't have the right to take anything away.

Friday - floors   A great day to clean their floor (sweep or vacuum).  We're trying to teach the little kids to pick up everything when they go to bed so that part is a daily thing.

Weekends - free from cleaning their rooms and we're trying to have company each Sunday, so it helps to have all this done during the week.

Keep pressing on,

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