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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cooking Tuesday - Hamburger Corn Bake

We have used this recipe for years.  My mother-in-law makes it the best!!!  So of course, it's great to know that it can be frozen. 

Last night one of the mommies was picking up her little one and let me know that they loved it.  Noodles frozen don't work super well, unless it's done right and this one works well, with no hard noodles.  The one thing her daughter would have liked better though was maybe 8 x the corn.  She was begging for it.  This recipe doesn't really allow for 8 packages of corn. ;)  But  more corn would work.  I think, though, that it's just about right for all of the rest of us.  I know this little girl well and she happens to love veggies.

Hamburger Corn Bake
1 pkg of egg noodles
2 lbs ground beef
1 pkg corn
4 cups of Beef White Sauce
1 cup sour cream
2 cups bread crumbs w/ 2 T melted marg
1 foil pan

Cook ground beef.  Boil noodles as directed.  Mix noodles and corn and gr. beef together.  Stir in soup and sour cream.  Spray foil pans with oil spray.  Divide mixture between three pans.  Sprinkle 2 cups of bread crumbs on each casserole.  Cover with foil. Label
The label would read:   Thaw on the counter all day and bake at 350 for an hour. 
I would suggest leaving the foil  on which would maybe even double the length of time in the oven.   This helps the noodles not to become crunchy.    You may want to experiment with it as we are still testing these things out.
We love our Hamburger Corn Bake.  If you make it and serve directly, you would bake till heated through - about a half hour.

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