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Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Monday - cleaning up after Christmas

This last week consisted of taking down and putting away (all the way away) the Christmas ornaments and taking the Christmas tree out.  I am loving having my living room back.

The first thing I did was to have the kids bring down their ornament boxes from the top shelf in their closet and we took the ornaments off the tree.  As we did we carefully packed them back in their boxes, or put them in the totes we have for Christmas.  And the lights and the garland went into the totes as well.

Then we took the tree out and put away the Christmas skirt, which is just a Christmas tablecloth.  

Next came gathering the snowmen from the mantle and the kitchen sink area.  Into the totes.   I didn't decorate much anywhere else.  So aside from the outside decorations which still need to be brought in. 

The totes went straight up to the attic so that they aren't on the steps or in a room waiting to go upstairs. 

I love Christmas, but our living room isn't big enough, so I love having it back as well.

Next is to take my Holiday Journal out and look through it and right down what worked and what didn't.  And print new pages for next year.

Keep pressing on.

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