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Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Monday - More on my recipe binder

I'm still working on my binder.  Slowly but surely it's coming together.  Up to this point, I had no need for dividers and stuff.  I could easily find all of my recipes just by flipping through the binder.  But it's getting to big.  Too many recipes. 

So I divided up the recipes in these areas, some things overlap, so I just picked one area to put them in.  Here's my list: Breakfasts, This week's meals, bread, canned things, sauces, sides, mixes, soups, spices, labels, pork, ham, beef, chicken, hamburger and cooking days.  It's a lot of different things, but I'm also filling them up pretty fast.

My next project is to make indexes for most of the dividers.  A page to put in right after the divider.  I'll write in new recipes on the page as I add more things.  Also I want to set up the Breakfast divider - get that under way.  I'll be putting in recipes for my breakfasts, so I have a plan for that. 

And planning this week's meals.  A lot of the meals for this week are in the freezer already, but I do need the recipe where I can find it quickly, because for some of them, I need to add sour cream or put in certain other ingredients.  So it would be great to have them right there for quick access.

Keep pressing on,

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