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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts - Our inabilities

Miles Stanford in the book The Complete Green Letters quotes John Darby as saying, " is God's way to set people aside after their first start (salvation) that self-confidence might die down."   

In the same chapter he says "..any experience which makes us more aware of our need of God must contribute to spiritual progress."

And finally, he lists several people who after an average of 15 years "...ceased trying to work for Him and began allowing Him to be their All in all and do His work through them."

How often do I forget that it is His work in me?  And not me pulling myself up by my "bootstraps".  It is His strength not mine.  It's His work, or at least it should be, and not mine. 

So I sit here today quietly with a cup of cappuccino and ponder these things.   I have no New Year's resolutions but to obey.  To learn more of how to walk in obedience and to humble myself before Him.  To remember that it is not me, but Him in me that does the work. 

It's peaceful this afternoon,  no babies clamoring for attention, no Kindergartner asking questions incessantly, no movie that I haven't seen on.  So the TV is off, the laundry is just finished so even the dryer isn't humming as it has been all morning.

So I sit here quietly and enjoy the hour I have left.  I will spend the time put to mind the verses I pulled today from Beth Moore's book Praying God's Word.

I strongly desire to learn more about this this year.   Our pastor spoke of prayer on Sunday morning. We are starting a Bible study this week in an area that we are praying about planting a church.  I was reminded of how desperately I need to be in prayer as we venture out into unknown territory.  Then in the evening the message was about Satan and who he is.  Yikes!  Very definitely need to be shoring up things in my prayer life.  I know he wouldn't be happy with a church plant anywhere.   And yet, I don't want to be obsessed with what he may or may not be doing. 

I want to constantly be aware not of who Satan is, but of who God is and His power and working in my life.

Thank you for your prayers as we learn more of Him as we step out of our comfort zone.


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