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Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Monday - Recipe Binder

I have a binder where I've been keeping my recipes for our Cooking Days.  But it has become much more than that.  I have recipes for mixes, sauces, spices, and ways to make canned things homemade.

So I just need to organize all these things. 

It will take me all this week, but I'm planning on having a section for breakfasts.  I don't like waiting until the morning to decide what we should have.  I also want to have overnight cinnamon roll and coffee cake recipes, so that I don't have to always be cooking in the morning.

Join me on the adventure of making a recipe binder.  It was a slow start for me.  I simply put all the recipes I needed for one day in a word document, and I keep adding to it.  And print them off as I need them to put them in my book.  This way they are all there.

Keep pressing on,

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