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Friday, January 10, 2014

5 positive things

My daughter has been enjoying being the oldest riding to and from school.  She sits up front in the van and we have time to talk.  She's made it clear that she values that time.  But sometimes things get on a negative turn in the course of our conversation.  She doesn't like this and that and this happened that was bad and usually when we start out that way it's hard to steer the conversation in a different direction. 
So this week, as we were driving to school one day, I asked her to have prepared for the ride home five positive things and to tell me two things she did today to help another person - to look out for others. 
5 THINGS...FIVE????!!!  She wasn't sure it would be possible, but instead of lowering the number I just encouraged her to simply try.  She would have to remember when it was time to get in the van because I would probably forget. 
She climbed in the van and started listing the things that were positive.  What a joyful way for us to start our conversation on the way home!
I am not trying to say that she can't share her struggles.  I want her to be able to share, but I also want to teach her not to stay in the depths of despair but to find a way to move on from these things.
Keep pressing on

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  1. And when we starting thinking of the positives it seems to make the negatives not so bad after all! What a great thing to do with S!