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Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday's thoughts - Tribulation produces patience

Romans 5 says that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character, hope. 

This will be a short thought for the day.  How many times do I begrudge the tribulation that is in my life?  Sometimes I feel that tribulation is my kids clamoring for my attention, or being sick for the fourth time this winter, or the laundry pile that is never-ending?  But most of the time I don't remember that it's tribulation. 

I easily turn to grumbling and wishing for a different life.  But if the gold jumped from the fire every time it got too hot, it would never be refined. 

As one of my friends reminded me this week, "It's hard to trust God in the small things." I forget I need to.  The big things, I usually am running to His feet and quickly leaving all my burdens there.   But the little things, well I forget that they are tribulations as well.  That I'm learning perseverance/patience with them.  And it's how I respond to the little things that earns me perseverance, which in turn brings about character.  And at the end of all these things is hope. 

May you and I remember today that the little one with the whiny voice, the running nose, and all the things they need today, will yield patience and character in our lives.

Keep pressing on,

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