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Monday, March 31, 2014

Decluttering - Week 4 Day 1 - Magazines and newspapers

Week 4
  1. Magazines and newspapers
  2. Decorative items in living areas
  3. Furniture - throughout the living area
  4. Clothing - Kid dressers - Day 1
  5. Clothing - Kid dressers - Day 2
Generally, I keep on top of this all the time.  The kids bring home the paper free from school.  We get one every day from a town near here and then four (one for each of them) from this town that we live in.  It's a little more than we need, but it's our fire starter.  So as soon as we are done with the paper, that day or the next, it goes down to the box downstairs that holds the papers for kindling

These will go downstairs when the laundry needs to be brought up.
When I was doing the bookshelves, I cleared out some magazines, but I do have a pile of magazines that need to be gone through.

So that will be done today.

Since I am in the habit, this will be easy today.  Which is super because four kids are sick on the couch and I have a pile of work.  Between loads of laundry and cleaning rooms, I am sitting down for a minute to write this post.   They are done with making the messes and are now able to tolerate water and toast, but still I am way behind.

Magazines that need a new home

24 magazines that will find a new home.
Total for the challenge is 344.

Keep pressing on,

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