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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Decluttering - Week 2 Day 3 - Videos, DVDs and CDs

It's really sad to have to throw away DVDs when we loved the movie.  But the kids tend to lose the cases and then they get all scratched up and there is no reason to keep a movie that is wrecked.  I would love to put my movies into sleeves in a case, but Carpenter doesn't want to do that.  So for now, we're keeping our system as is.  

Right now, I'm on a mission to go through all of our movies.  Instead of watching TV, we put on a movie that we own.  If it glitches, after a proper cleaning, I am pitching it.  So far we are up to about 10 movies that don't work.  Sad.  But we've found some movies that we thought were bad, but they just needed to be cleaned.

A well-used movie


Our system for the checked videos - a little label - doesn't matter what color, no markings on it shows it's been viewed and is free of glitches.
Our videos - personally, I'm ready to be done with videos, but we have some that we love, so maybe I'll work on weeding out some that aren't our favorites.


Two boxes of weeded out movies
 I also found another thing that needed to be thrown away.  My total for the day was 70 items, so now I am up to 140 items for the challenge.

Keep pressing on,

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