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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Decluttering - Week 1 Day 2 - Kitchen cupboards above

If you want to join us with our de-cluttering adventure - Start here. 

Yesterday we started with our kitchen drawers.

Today we're doing the top cupboards.  Join me in the adventure of a little spring cleaning and a little de-cluttering.

Above the fridge:



What does not belong
 Coffee or tea anyone?  Before and after

Sauces and overflow of spices:
 Before and after

Cups and water bottles and pitchers:

Toaster, thermoses, gravy boats and butter dishes:

Baking supplies:

Canning jars, blenders and lunch containers:


What I found to get rid of:
There was trash again, but threw that all away.  Some of this will go in the trash bins for the dump, others will be given away.

The total for the day is 15 things.  Total for this challenge 25 things.

Keep pressing on,

Tomorrow is the bottom cupboards.  In my house, that means it will be a little more painful than the top cupboards.


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