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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Decluttering - Week 4 Day 2 - Decorative items in the living room.

Quite obviously this is not the living room.  In my living room, I have my teacups from my Grandma and my collection of  bears from family members.  Neither of them are things I am willing to give up.  So I'm satisfied that my living room has the decorative items that I want.

 This is the pile of shoes I pulled out of the bigger boys' closet, but that's not all the shoes they have. 
See the picture below:  those are the shoes that I found pairs to, and that looked decent enough to wear, and that weren't too small.  No wonder I haven't been able to get into that closet - EVER!!!!

Here's some paper stuff that just needs to go. 

Total for today is well over 15, but we'll just call it that.

Total for the challenge is 359.

Keep pressing on,

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