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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Decluttering - Week 1 Day 3 - Kitchen cupboards lower

If you are just joining us, start here.

Day 1 was Kitchen drawers.

Day 2 was Kitchen cupboards upper.

Today we worked on the lower cupboards.  I say "we" because I had help.  My older boys are home from school for spring break so they each took a couple of cupboards and I claimed the easy one.



Cookie sheets and pans.  No after picture but all I did was remove the bags from the cupboard.  The dividers help this one stay organized.

Under the sink: Again, it stays fairly neat as I try to keep as little under here as possible.  But a little cleaning didn't hurt.

Tupperware cupboard and such:  Always needs a bit of straightening up. 

Canned goods and canning jars:  Here I have put in some flat boxes and consequently all that needed to be done was to bring the rest of the canned goods to the front.

Pans, casserole dishes, etc.

So thankful for my boys' help. 

The total here is 35 things so far.

Keep pressing on,

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