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Friday, March 28, 2014

Decluttering - Week 3 Day 5 - Children's artwork

This was our area for coloring supplies and other things for crafts, but it always got away from me.  The coloring books stacked up on the shelf and the crayons underneath.  Ugh.  Always everywhere.

But the Zip-top tote really helped with that.  No more coloring books than fit in the bag or than make it too heavy for little people to carry.

Now I have a lot more space on my shelves and it looks so much better.

So many pockets for crayons and glue and scissors and paint brushes.   All you need to do is carry it to a table.

I honestly did this a week ago and it is still working out super well.

Total for the challenge is 320.

Keep pressing on.

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