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Monday, March 10, 2014

Decluttering - Week 1 Day 1 - Kitchen drawers

We're starting de-cluttering today!!!! If you didn't see Friday's post, go here.  I'm kind of excited because I love having my drawers and cupboards neat again.  It doesn't take long till it's back to "normal" but I hope that normal is more organized than it was before.

Remember two things:

  • a half hour
  • 10 things
Don't forget to ask yourself - do I use it? do I need it?  does it have value?

Another bonus - you can spring clean as you go.  I just took a minute to wipe out the drawers today and to wash the silverware holders and voila I'm done with spring cleaning in that section.  I'm not saying that when you are done with these eight weeks that all the things you normally do in your spring cleaning will be done, but a lot of things I would overlook will be done, and I will be well on my way to having a deep-cleaned house.

So here are the before and afters:  Remember junk drawer and spices come later on in the weeks, so I didn't do those two drawers. 
Oops - have to do laundry.  So that was easy, just wipe it out and replace the drawer.
 Hotpads and electric cord:

What I need
All the things in the drawer

The drawer now - with a couple of hotpads out for washing
 Silverware drawer:

Everything from the drawer
What belongs in the drawer
Much better!!!!  Dishes aren't finished yet. 
The drawer for all the extra utensils, dish cloths, bibs and aprons
On the counter, it looks even worse. 
What doesn't belong - keeping what's on the left, throwing away what is on the right

Drawer for spatulas and wooden spoons etc.
What doesn't belong


Everything on the counter
Ahh, better, the notes for my brownies are in a ziploc bag for the next time I make brownies.
What is not trash but will have to go -- 10 things exactly not counting trash.
But trash does count, I just didn't want to pull it back out of the trash to count it. 

 Keep pressing on,

Tomorrow is the upper cupboards in the kitchen

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