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Friday, March 7, 2014


Do you remember our journey to de-clutter our home not too long ago?  Well to be honest it was long enough ago that it is needed again at our house.  So for the next 8 weeks, my plan is to de-clutter my house.  Would you like to join me?

Why de-clutter?
  • save money - do you ever buy something and then find out later you have a lot of that item?
  • save time - do you ever spend hours trying to find the item that you know you have?
  • save your sanity - by not running into the first two problems
What do you need?
  • 30 minutes or less every day, not including weekends
  • a place to put the things you are choosing to get rid of
  • large boxes or garbage bags for sorting
  • a date to have a garage sale or to give away the things you collect
Things to consider:
  • Do I use it?
  • Do I need it?
Week 1
  1. Kitchen drawers
  2. Kitchen cupboards - upper
  3. Kitchen cupboards - lower
  4. Kitchen junk drawer
  5. Kitchen linens
Week 2
  1. Kitchen other or pantry
  2. Kitchen cookbooks and recipes
  3. Videos, CDs and DVDs
  4. Your desk or work area
  5. Children's books - Day 1
Week 3
  1. Children's books - Day 2
  2. Adult books - Day 1
  3. Adult books - Day 2
  4. Medicine/vitamin cupboard
  5. Children's art work
Week 4
  1. Magazines and newspapers
  2. Decorative items in living areas
  3. Furniture - throughout the living area
  4. Clothing - Kid dressers - Day 1
  5. Clothing - Kid dressers - Day 2
Week 5
  1. Clothing - Kid closet - Day 1
  2. Clothing - Kid closet - Day 2
  3. Clothing - Master closet
  4. Clothing - Master bedroom dressers
  5. Bathroom #1
Week 6
  1. Bathroom #2
  2. Entry hall/mudroom closet
  3. Shoes
  4. Garage - Day 1
  5. Garage - Day 2
Week 7
  1. Craft or sewing supplies
  2. Laundry room
  3. Linen closet
  4. Backyard shed
  5. Kid's school supplies or backpacks
Week 8
  1. Holiday supplies
  2. Kids' toys - Day 1
  3. Kids' toys - Day 2
  4. Closets
  5. Any other area that has not been addressed yet
Are you ready?  Let's start Monday and before school is out for the year we'll be done.

Keep pressing on,


  1. I will join you! We did a lot of decluttering when we moved, but it always sneaks back in! I am currently listing books on eBay, which not only gives me a little spending money, but also gets rid of books we no longer read. I always have a goodwill box that I have sitting in the storage room that I add stuff to regularly. I also have a consignment box that I put nicer clothing we no longer wear. Every season I take them and sell them on consignment, or list on eBay. I might blog about this as well, it is a good way to keep accountable!

    1. Yay! It will be fun to have some company!