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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decluttering - Week 1 Day 4 - Kitchen junk drawer

If you are just joining us, start here.

Day 1 was Kitchen drawers.

Day 2 was Kitchen cupboards upper.

Day 3 was Kitchen cupboards lower

Today is the junk drawer.  I actually just did this recently, but it will be good to do it again.


There wasn't ten things to get rid of in the junk drawer, so I decided to go through my file box.  This sits on my counter and keeps the kids' school pages and things for studying.  There is a folder for each school, and for each child.  There are also folders for my daycare and for the lady that comes over one weekend a month, and one for Carpenter which doesn't get used, and one for bills that I'm afraid to use, lest I forget I put it there - I have a different system.

So I had a lot of papers to get rid of - let's just say 20 and call it good. So my total for this challenge is 55.  There were way more than 20 pages to get rid of but I can't justify counting each one.
Keep pressing on,
Tomorrow is Kitchen Linens - I don't have much of these.

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