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Monday, March 24, 2014

Decluttering - Week 3 Day 1 - My desk/work area

We are on Week 3 now in this 8-week challenge.  At 10 things a day, we should be at 150 things so far.

Here's what our week looks like:
  1. My desk/work area
  2. Adult books - Day 1
  3. Adult books - Day 2
  4. Medicine/vitamin cupboard
  5. Children's art work
So today, I brought down everything from my desk in my room, plus a couple of other areas that needed some cleaning up.
Now the desk in my room looks like this:
Oh, yeah, I can work with that.

But my work area during the day when I'm watching kids is the dining room table.  This is what that looks like:
Now, I have to work on sorting and filing.  I put the manuals and things into a 3-ring binder with page protectors.  Each manual goes in a page protector.  I need a bigger three-ring binder.  I found nine manuals for things we don't have. 

But my total for today is 15, because I threw away a coat, a shirt and 4 socks with holes. 

My total for the challenge is 230. 

Keep pressing on,

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