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Monday, February 3, 2014

Project Monday - that silly kitchen drawer!!!

It's that drawer. It's giving me fits.  I clean and organize and in no time it's a mess!!  Really, a mess.

"Can't find the calculator, honey."
"Didya check "the" drawer?"
"Yep, it's not in there."
"K, gimme a sec.  Um here it is in the drawer, under all kinds of stuff.  "

Yep, that's me.  It feels like it's never-ending.  Today I tagged my bins with little labels.  I'm hoping at least it will help me remember what was in there when I organized it today.   Maybe I'll remember where things were at the starting point of organization.

Brushes don't go in here, nor do hair things.  Because we have a hair drawer with all things needed for hair in the bathroom closet.  It's only a few steps from the kitchen.  No need to have them here.  It's still necessary to have this drawer for the calculator etc.  Hubby's always looking for pens and pencils, here, so I need to keep them here and tape, etc.  Even some tools are handy to have here, but not like the picture above.  Ugh, so frustrating.

So it's organized again and it's hopefully going to stay that way, well it will... in my dreams.  But I'm hoping that if people see the tags, they'll know where to put the stuff when they put it away.  But at least I'll know, and that's what matters.

Keep pressing on,

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