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Friday, November 1, 2013

Cooking Day with Venison

I spent $70 on food for these meals yesterday.  Not all of that $70 will go into these meals.  For example, I needed 8 cups of shredded mozzarella, but the big block was cheapest, so I bought that.

First, I put the rice on to cook.

 Then a sink full of hot water for dishes

 Then I pulled out the spices I needed and put them on the counter.

And my other ingredients for the recipes.

I finished making my roasts yesterday and had bagged them, so now I chopped what needed chopping.

Ready for the final ingredients

Beef Bordeaux

 The older boys played with the babies and tried to help them with the puzzles.  It will still be awhile before they "get" the four-piece puzzles.

I even had some help with grating the cheese.

The last of the meals  to go into the freezer.

So actual cost on my Easy Sauerbraten was  50 cents for the carrots, 20 cents for the gingersnaps.  When the day comes that we eat it, we'll spend about 40 cents on sour cream and then make rice to go with it, so our total cost will be about $5 dollars, that will give us supper and the next day's lunches.

Actual cost for my BBQ Beef Sandwiches was $.50 for BBQ sauce (I make my own). On the day, I will need hamburger buns.  If I don't make my own, I will spend $2.25.  Total - $2.75.  This is not a meal that would work for lunches, so it will be on the weekend.

My Philly Beef Sandwiches cost $.75 for onions and about $2.00 for the mozzarella cheese.  On the day, I will need hard rolls, which will be about $3.00.  Total - $5.75.  Again we won't have a lot of leftovers, if any, so this will be for the weekend.

The Beefy Enchiladas were $.60 for beans (homemade), probably about $.50 for sauce, $2.00 for cheese and then about $2.00 for tortillas on the day (unless I make them).  So the total is $5.10.  This will be a lunch and supper meal.

The Beef Bordeaux was about $3.50.

Beef Stroganoff was $3.50.

Osso Bucco (I don't know what that is.)  was $3.00

Middle Eastern Stew was $3.00

Southwestern Stew was $5.00

Oriental Stew was $5.00

All told I put 22 meals in the freezer and we're having Oriental Stew over rice tonight.


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