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Monday, November 11, 2013

De-cluttering in the kitchen - upper cupboards

 I worked on these cupboards today.  Things I liked from my organizing last year - the canning jars!  That helped make so much more room in my kitchen until I get a pantry. :)  Things that I wanted to change - no more mugs in the cupboard with the dishes.  We have a cupboard for that.  Also the plastic plates don't get used much around here, so they will go in the back of the van for picnic lunches and days when I forget to bring "tableware" like I did last night.


Things that didn't work from last year  - the measuring cups hanging on the door got in the way, so I'm trying keeping them in the measuring container on the top shelf.  I labeled all the containers so the family knows where to find what they're looking for.  I still like the recipe cards hanging on the door.

 These cupboards will still be a nuisance as the glasses get strewn everywhere and though we are done with sippy cups, we still have them to contend with because of the little ones we have during the day.

The baking/cooking cupboard will still get messy.  One of these days I'll figure it out.  All the vinegars and sauces get a bit cluttered when I'm working in the kitchen.  Moving the toaster out was helpful though.


And the hot drinks cupboard was a wreck.  I pulled out everything, and I'm giving away some mugs.  I just don't need all we have.

Above the stove - I love my brick for holding up the cookbooks.  It works so well.  The vitamins needed a bit of fixing up, but it all is straightened once again. 

A future project - that was on the list last year too is to put new shelf paper down.  I want to put up lists for shopping in cupboards that have supplies.  For example in the hot drinks cupboard a list of things that are needed in that cupboard, so that I can circle them and remember things easier.

And here's my hot drinks cupboard after I straightened it up.  I'd like to get a basket for teas. But for now it looks a lot better.

Keep pressing on

These are the things I found to get rid of - yeah for moving stuff out.

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