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Monday, November 25, 2013

De-cluttering the clothes

Rooms were a disaster this last week.  I've shown older pictures of  their rooms.

They weren't this bad, but they were bad.  And had I kept up on inspections like I should have, they wouldn't have. 

Anyway, even though they weren't this bad, drastic measures had to be taken.  So I made a list of what they need for school clothes and farm clothes and dressing up clothes.  Then I took a tally of what they have. 

The clothes that had holes or stains get thrown out, the ones that have been worn a bit but still are nice get passed on, and the new things Grandpa and Grandma brought this last time get worn. 

Less clothes in their room means less to lie on the floor.  So I'm hoping we can keep up a bit better.

Keep pressing on.

Soon I'll have another bag for Goodwill and the pile for throwing away is growing bigger.  Another good thing about this: they won't be wearing stained or torn clothes --- for awhile.

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