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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Household - the new normal

With boys going to public school, my world looks very different from what it did last year. 

Mornings start even earlier than they did last year.  My husband wants to have some quiet time to spend in the study of the Word, so he gets up at 5:00.  And since it doesn't really pay for me to try to sleep another half hour, I have been getting up too.

This morning he and I spent a half hour side-by-side on the couch, he on his computer and me on mine.  I was working on Scripture Typer which is huge in my understanding of the word.  He was working on his application for ministry for our church group.  It involves a lot of using Scripture to support your beliefs.  It will take him awhile to get this done.

At 5:30, I leave the computer and he continues working, and start breakfast, put his lunch in his lunch box and make his thermos of coffee, get the fire going in the wood furnace, start a load of laundry, and get out what's for supper (oops, still have to do that, it's in the basement and I forgot it earlier).  Ran around getting information for our health insurance and a receipt. 

At 6:00, the older boys get up and get started on their day.  And by 6:30 Dad is out the door and gone.  Piano for one of them and Awana for all.  The boys get on the bus just before 7:00.

Then it's time for the littler ones to get up.  Get dressed and eat.  Clean rooms. Piano for three.  Awana work if they aren't caught up.  Hair combed.  Shoes on.  Run out to feed chickens, ducks and dogs.

The first daycare child arrives around 7:30 and then for a half hour it's a bit of chaos, as I'm competing with him for my children's attention.  They love him and want to spend time with him, but I need them to finish getting ready.

8:15 we load up, unless we have a public school drop-off  (then it's 8:00).  And we drop off the school kids and pick up one from the bank where her mom works.  Then it's home with the two little ones (at least today) some days we have my Kindergartner home, he has school two days a week.

It's music time for the first hour.  Then a bit of  Bubble Guppies.  Then it's reading time.  Then lunch and it's nap time.  While they are napping, I have time to focus on things that take more concentration (like our Cooking Day planning) or require me to leave the play area.

3:15, we load up the babies (2-year olds) and head out to pick up the private school kids.  The older boys ride the bus.  Snack time and then moms are coming to pick up their kids.

By 5:30 we're getting supper on.  Then it's family time, and finally, if I've been faithful throughout the day to be productive, I fall into bed and sleep restful sleep.

I love my days, but sometimes I get lazy and forget what I need to be doing.  Lists of jobs help me with that.

Keep pressing on,

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