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Friday, July 26, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Quick organizing!

Because I was cleaning my furniture and the living room was a lot more empty than normal, I decided I wanted the kids to sort their toys.  It seems that though they usually only get one type of toy out at a time, their toys get all mixed up.

So my solution was to bring the toys from the nursery/guest room, and dump them on the floor.  They had a blast, playing for awhile while I did something else. 

Then it's "You grab the Lincoln Log box, and you grab the bin for the blocks, and you grab the train box. Ready, set, go!"  The race is on to see who can fill their box first.

And we did one more round of the same with some of the other toys, cars, mega blocks, and odds and ends.  You can see the baby in the middle isn't quite sure what to think of everyone rushing around.
At the end, I was left with a more manageable amount of sorting.  This required my help, and a little more supervision, and a lot of "The movie will not be starting till this is done." 

It's fun to go out of the ordinary and let them play with all their toys at once.  They could hardly believe it when I asked each one to go get a box and dump it in the living room.   What bliss!  A huge mess and all the toys I haven't seen in years.  They were in heaven. 

Little did they know that I was going to turn on them and get them to do the sorting rather than me.   But they loved that too, till the end. 

God can definitely help us find ways to make our journey joyful.  It's up to us to be on the lookout for those things.

Keep pressing on,

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