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Friday, July 12, 2013

Titus 2 Tea - Chores in the living area

On the main level of our house is the living area and the "guest" room.
 Guest room is assigned to one person.  Toys must be put away and the floor vacuumed daily.  Monday - cobwebs and dust; Tuesday - windows; Wednesday straighten hallway shelves; Thursday - Straighten TV stand
 Bathroom is assigned to a different child each day with some extra chores other than the normal "swish and swipe".
 Dining room - sweep and mop daily; Monday - cobwebs and dust; Tuesday - windows; Wednesday - water plant; Thursday - dust
 Kitchen - sweep and mop daily - Yes, for us that's a must.  We have 11 people in our house and a pool and this is the main entrance. 
 Piano room - sweep and clean up
 Stairs - sweep daily; vacuum once a week
 Back porch (main entrance) - sweep daily and put shoes away; mop about three times a week
 Living room - clean-up and vacuum daily

Weekly chores:
Monday - cobwebs down and dust
Tuesday - windows
Wednesday - straighten shelves
Thursday - Mop and detail vacuuming

Keep pressing on

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