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Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Monday - continued outside projects - the Fence!!!!

Finally, we're started on the fence.  Well, technically we've been working on it all along while we were splitting wood.  But now we're done with the wood and we're just putting up fencing in the cedar trees.  This fencing is so that the dogs won't be able to get out.

No more wood to split!!!! Yay!!!!

This is where the chicken house and duck house were.  The wood is stacked in the back in the cedar trees.

More stacked wood.  Plenty for a few winters.

The fence is started in the trees.

Got this far.

A long way to go.  All along the yard at the north end, but when that is done we'll be ready for the picket fence out front.  The fence is unseen back in the trees.  It will be a great place for the dogs to lay in the cool shade and the kids enjoy playing under the trees.  It will be safer once we get it cleaned up.


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