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Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Monday - more on the garage

This weekend I tried adding yellow.  I've only done one coat and I'm not sure if I like it. After a second coat, I may like it better.

The shelf above will be blue, and the wall isn't painted yet, so stay tuned for more on this project.  I'm excited to get a bunch more done today.  Hopefully, by the 4th (when company is coming) it will have quite a bit more done.  But trust me it won't all be done.  This garage is huge.

One of the boys asked if I could outline some of the tools so they would know where they go.  While this is not where I would have put the tools, the nails were already in and stuck in pretty hard.  One side is just the outline of the level, and the saws, I painted in.  I had a hard time doing a outline.

What do you think, outline or painted?  

Keep pressing on,


  1. ha! I gotta say, the outline is pretty cool. :)