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Monday, August 19, 2013

Creation Museum

We're back from vacation and a couple of extra weeks off due to computer problems and school starting.  This will be our first week of a new "normal".

I thought I would share some vacation pics, because if you ever get a chance to go to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, you should go.  It's a wonderful place with things for all ages.

 We are so thankful that Jeff's parents came from Wisconsin, just to meet us here and go to the museum with us.

The outdoor gardens were gorgeous and we had fun following all the trails.

And meeting some ducks?  out there

Inside we had a lot of fun following the Creation to Christ path and then the path of C's that ended with a movie called the "Last Adam".

The kids loved this spot.  All kinds of insects and such to look at inside, and Dr. Crawley answering a few questions.

The petting zoo was great too.

And we even got to see some wild animals up close.

Two went ziplining and loved it.  Jones and Waterman went flying through the sky above our heads.

It was a wonderful time.


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