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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday's Household - consistency is key!

I've stayed with this chore list thing for over a week.   That's not super long but for me it is a long time.  The tough thing will be getting back to it after vacation at the end of this month.

But the benefits are wonderful.  I'm finding, since everything has it's regular clean done, that when we have company at the drop of a hat, we're ready with just a little bit of touch-up.  It's so refreshing to know that we can do that.

One of our desires has always been to have people over on a regular basis.  But we haven't. Probably one of the main reasons is that Carpenter and I feel like our house is in disrepair all the time and we would have to take a day or two just to clean it up.

Last Sunday, we decided to invite some friends who were in from Texas.  So Sunday morning, the dishes were in the sink, the older boys' room was messy and the living area on the main level was messy too. 

So Carpenter talked with the father of this family and found out that the only time they had available was Sunday afternoon before church.  Yikes!

So we went home and ate and then quickly cleaned up.  In about a half hour, the house was ready and we were cleaning up outside.  Carpenter even had time to move some chicken pens that day.  So it felt really good to be ahead of the game. 

There are blessings to consistency.  I've always said that this is just how I am, but now I'm realizing you can teach an old dog new tricks. :)

Keep pressing on

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