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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

De-cluttering - Week 8 Day 3 - Kids Toys Day 2

You are probably wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth - and this close to the end of the challenge at that! No, my husband came home from a trip on Thursday, and Friday he stayed home and despite doing day care we were able to have a day of discussing the things he'd learned.  Then this week, I have just been full-throttle, even though I have been de-cluttering still.

The kids' toys are gone through now.  When the Little Miss had her last day (Friday), I sent her home with a box of toys and things that she had used here.  She even went home with a cute little bag with her name on it.  We had a little ice cream party.

I found another bucket of game pieces to go through and there was about 40 things in there that didn't go to anything.

Also dumped out the train box and found a myriad of things in there that needed to go - another 20 things.

Total for the day was 60 things.
Total for this challenge was 1019!!!!  We made the goal.

Keep pressing on,

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