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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Decluttering - Week 8 Day 2 - Kids' toys Day One

Today's job is working on the kids' toys.  I'm going to take two days for this because I just didn't finish today.  The kids' bedroom toys were already decluttered when I did their closets. 

But the toys for the little ones downstairs, those still are waiting to be sorted.  Some of them will go home with them when they have their last day, which is sad.  It's nearer for some than others. 

I'd like them to have a few things from their time here. 

So we sorted today...

First we pulled out the toy box and we put only the animals back first and then the people and then the letters and numbers and slowly only the things that didn't belong in the box were left. 

Then I went and got the Mega Bloks out and we put all the yellow ones in, and then all the blue, etc.  until all that was left were things that didn't belong.  We found some things that did belong in the first box, so I took those and put them away. 

Then I dumped out the blocks and they played while I got some other work done.  When I went to put them away, I could tell I needed to de-cluttering.  It doesn't fit in the container and I only want one container of blocks.  I pulled out Jenga and the bigger letter blocks - if the kids parents' don't want them (the big letter blocks) then I will pass them on somewhere else.

So my total came to 91 (and yes I counted each block). 
Total for the challenge is 959.  Maybe it's cheating to count each block, but it wasn't only blocks and it makes me happy to think that more things are heading out.  Less to clean-up, but in a house with nine there is still plenty to keep us occupied.
Keep pressing on,

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