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Friday, May 16, 2014

Basement and outside plans.

Our family really would like to have the majority of the cleaning done before Saturday.  Not that nothing is done on Saturday, but we would rather just have a quick pick-up, and a load or two of laundry so that we can do other things together.

Other things we don't want to do on Saturdays, especially once summer starts - mow the lawn, gardening (if possible), clean the basement, clean up the sheds.

So I've added them to my schedule throughout the week.  My boys will mow the lawn and we'll plan on them doing that Thursday so that if it rains that day we can do it Friday.

Below are my lists of the things that I need to do before I start other projects.

Daily Morning To-Do List

  • Get dressed to shoes
  • Brush teeth
  • Make bed
  • Clean room 
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Make bread
  • FLYLady
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Supper started
  • Garden
  • Devotions
  • Scripture Memory

Daily Afternoon To-Do List

  • Piano
  • Garden
  • Pick up in the Living Room, Piano room and hallway
  • Put laundry away
  • Homework - not for long!!!!! 
  • Collect Eggs

Weekly To-Do List

·         Monday – Focus – Bathroom
o   Mop kitchen and dining room
o   Vacuum downstairs
o   Scrub bathroom floors
o   Bedrooms – under beds
·         Tuesday – Focus – Bedroom
o   Clean windows
o   Clean basement
o   Change bedding
o   Organize clothes
o   Bedrooms – straighten dressers
·         Wednesday – Focus – Kitchen
o   Mop kitchen and dining room
o   Vacuum downstairs
o   Wipe kitchen counters
o   Bedroom – clean closets
·         Thursday – Focus – Grocery Shopping
o   Dust living room and piano room
o   Organize Tupperware
o   Organize pantry
o   Make shopping list
o   Bedroom – Desks
Mowing the lawn
·         Friday – Focus – Floors
o   Vacuum upstairs
o   Sweep and mop rooms upstairs
o   Mop kitchen and dining room

o   Vacuum downstairs

Those are the things that we are doing in our house.   As I've said before, our house will look different from yours.  

Keep pressing on,

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