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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Every business has a plan, why shouldn't I?

Now I don't want to relegate my home to being a business.  I want it to be a personal place, a place of laughter and fun.  But in a small way, I just may need to change my perspective on it.

Let's think about my goal mentioned above.  What do I want in my home?  I want laughter, fun, peace and some order - not perfection though.

So I have viewed schedules as not fun, the law, terrible things that drag me down.  What did I do?  I threw it out the window and just let what I felt like doing rule the day.  That doesn't mean I did what I really felt like doing - as in, laying on the couch and watching movies all day.

But I only cleaned places when I noticed they needed cleaning, which means they had to get pretty dirty before they got noticed.

I rushed out the door and forgot things like piano books, and school stuff, or a rain check for the chicken that was on sale last week.

So now twice a day, I plan out who will take the chores from the daily list or the weekly list.  We divide and conquer and now household cleaning is mostly done by the time I leave the house to drop the kids off for school.

Daddy's new rule of "Everyone must be at the table at 6:00 for breakfast" has helped.  I was dreading the chaos that would ensue with the four younger children running around doing their  own thing in the morning.  But armed with a plan, they each have the list of things they need to do in order to be ready for their day.  We all (on our second day) are heading out the door much more pleasant, less stressed than we have been in awhile.

It's just a plan.  It is not meant to be my master.  It is meant to help me master myself.  The end goal of laughter and fun???  I've heard more of it when there is a plan than when there is not.

Keep pressing on,

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