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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Decluttering - Week 8 Day 4 - Changing seasonal clothes

Even though I did this post on Tuesday, I still didn't get it posted.  Too busy living life.  Too busy getting sidetracked.  That's me.  But here it is a couple days late.

Today, I am bringing out the shorts.  It may be a little on the later side, as it's supposed to be 90 today.

I also have a bunch of laundry to fold as I got behind.  I will go through each piece of laundry and determine if it's needed through the summer ( a pair or two of jeans is necessary) and if it will be wearable next season.  If I think that it will not fit say Bugaboo (my 10 year old daughter), I'll put it in Jules' (my 7 year old daughter) bin.

O.k. so first job on this project was to remove everything from the top shelves of their closets.  During the year, I'll put things up there with their bins, so that when it comes time to change things over (seasonal clothes, I mean) I can find all the different things that go in their bins.  I put all the things from one closet into one of their laundry baskets.

 Then I bring their tote downstairs.  I pull out all the clothes.  The special things stay in the bottom and I sort the clothes.  Some of them are still too big and others are just right.  I set the clothes to the side, on a table or something.
Then I pull out their folder.  This box sits on the counter right by my microwave.  I put awards and birthday cards, school papers and art projects in here.
Then I look through the folder.  At this point I throw almost all of it away.  I save all birthday cards, awards, but just one or two papers from school, some of their work that they will be proud of.
I put them on the table with the clothes I have set aside to store in the bin.
The special papers go in first, and then all the clothes that are not for the season.

Then the totes go upstairs back to the clean and now, neat top shelf.   

Today I found a lot of papers to go in the trash, but we'll count 1 for each child and several clothes that won't fit for this year. I also found some clothes in the laundry that are ready for the trash.  I always keep my eye out for things that are too ragged.  The problem is we do need some raggedy things for farm life. 

So my total for today is 15.
Total for the challenge is 634.

Keep pressing on,

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