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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Decluttering - Week 8 Day 5 - Woodshed

We pulled everything out of the sheds and re-organized them.  One of my sons, last Saturday, while he was waiting for me to come out and tell them where to work in the garden, decided that the woodshed needed some organization.  We also have a duplex shed, with one side being the toy shed and the other being the garden shed, but because of the woodshed's nearness to the garden, everything we need for gardening gets stored there.  And all the chairs we need for sitting outside and the toys the kids want to play with, along with the wood that actually belongs there.

So this was quite the undertaking for him, so much appreciated that I don't think he ended up helping with the garden, but spent his time doing an excellent job there.  I always love it if my kids find something to do and do it with all their heart.  And here I'm talking about doing a job that they see needs done and caring for it without me asking.  This is not his jurisdiction, not an area assigned to him at all, but he still saw a need and took it upon himself.  Thanks, Jones!!!!

I asked him to count the items that he took to the trash, and he figures that it was well over twenty, maybe fifty, but since I know how he counts, we'll say twenty.

And the de-cluttering challenge is done, having taken 9 weeks to do 8 weeks worth. :)  But in our house de-cluttering is not done.   Today in fact I have found several things that should go.  Some shirts that are  too hot for my littlest guy, so we'll pass them on to another little guy as it will be too small for him next year.

Keep on de-cluttering when you see something that needs it and the 8 week challenge next year won't be so heavy. :)


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