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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Decluttering - Week 6 Day 2 and 3 - entryway and shoes

Today is another combo-day.  With eye doctor appointments, I didn't get my stuff done yesterday.

Yesterday was the entryway/mud room.
 The farm coats that never get used because they are in the basement.  Ideally everyone would go through the basement to do their chores.  Even I don't like to do that, but I should.

The entryway/hallway is filled with coats from 12 people during the day.  But spring is coming I  hope, so I'm taking a chance and washing most of the coats.

 Now the hallway looks like this.  Still some coats hanging up.
The basement looks like this, with just a light jacket for chores these  days.

Total cleared out for this day is yet uncounted.  It's all in the wash.  But so far the total is 45.  I took down the gloves, hats and scarves and sorted them.  A couple of each for each kid, plus some of the nicer ones for sledding parties and friends coming over.  And there was still a lot left to get rid of.

With all the shoes around this place, I am SO ready to say two pair of tennis shoes and one pair of church shoes.  With a pair of flip flops thrown in.  But it is with fear and trepidation that I say this.  Because then it will be my fault when they can't find their shoes.

It ended up coming down to a couple of black pairs that don't fit either of the girls right now, and then two tennis shoes and one pair of black and one pair of white dress shoes.  For the boys, just a pair of black dress shoes in their size.  I do save the ones that they'll grow into.  Just don't need to save as many as I have been.
Total for this day is 34.

Total is 509 + 45  + 34 = 588

Keep pressing on,

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