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Friday, April 11, 2014

Decluttering - Week 5 - Day 4 and 5 - Master dresser and Bathroom #1

Are you noticing a pattern here?  It's spring - so I just want to be outside!  I'm loving the weather and hubby has big plans for a huge garden - the laborer would be me!!!  But I love working out there, so it will be fun.

Today, one of mine is sick, so in an effort to keep their kids healthy, moms made the decision to keep theirs home.  Tank has a fever and is laying on the couch, working on some homework and intermittently watching some TV, but since there aren't any other symptoms - yet, I'll be running around the house doing all the things that I never feel like I can take time to do.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to start the weekend with a clean house?!!!!!  No waking up Saturday morning to the normal routine of "Clean your room and then you can go outside. "  Yippeee!!!

But I am only working outside in half hour chunks - after all I do have a sick one who needs checking up on.  So while inside, I'm working on the whole inside thing.

Here's a picture of the 34 things I found in our dressers.  All in one pillowcase. I went through the socks and found the ones with holes in them.  For my husband and my boys - I try to find the same brand of socks, but each one of them uses their own style.  That way if one sock gets a hole in it, I don't have to throw away both socks.  I like different colors, so I don't do the same for my own.

For our main bathroom - it needs a good cleaning but it doesn't have anywhere to store things, except the little medicine cabinet.  The big cupboard with all of our things in it, was done earlier in the challenge.

So I cleaned out the tiny medicine cabinet and made sure that there was only one toothbrush on each shelf.  Just recently did this job, right before I started this challenge. So I only had one toothbrush to throw away.

But that was nice because it brought my total for Days 4 and 5 up to 35, which is easier to add.

Total for the challenge is 505.  Inching my way closer to that 1000 mark!!!

Keep pressing on,

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