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Monday, April 28, 2014

Decluttering - Week 8 Day One - Holiday Supplies

Today is Holiday Supplies, so if you don't do that after your holiday is over, you should do that today.  But if you do, like I do and when I pack up, I sort out what we don't want anymore, then you should pick another area.

So I had to clean up the kids' rooms again.  I had been doing well keeping up but then we had Awana store and now there are more things in their rooms.  During this time, I found quite a few things that should go.  An ironing board with no legs went this weekend as well, since we used to use it as a gate, but no longer need it anymore.

I cleaned out under beds again and found lots of things that just don't get used and don't have a home.  It's not about just getting to 1,000 things, which seems impossible at this point but more about having things where they should be and knowing how to find them.

I cleaned out my Resurrection Sunday stuff.  I guess that's holiday and got 60 things today for getting rid of.  Most of it was to be tossed.

Total for the challenges is now up to 868.  Have a great day!!!!

Keep pressing on,

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