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Friday, February 7, 2014

Wednesday's Household and Thursday's Thoughts - Busy times!!

I'm combining these posts because I've been super busy this week, - starting a new business and planning for our youth group combined with another church youth group to attend the Dare2Share conference this weekend.  Twenty-two of us are going.  It's a big undertaking and I'm working on the arrangements and all the details.  I love doing this, but a few things came up to try to make it harder than it really needs to be.

We got new tires for the van and found out the wheels needed new ball joints and some other stuff.  So the van is in the shop right now and we are leaving in 2 hours. :)  Hopefully it's done and just waiting for me and hubby to have a chance to get it.

Bread has to be made for sack lunches, and for the kids who are staying home for chili tonight and sandwiches tomorrow.  So 8 loaves of bread - don't want to run out. 2 pans of brownies - for lunches and for snacks here at home.

Laundry done and sheets changed for the one staying with our little kiddos and also because our friend is coming over on Sunday and she'll spend the night.

Packing for five to go to this conference.

Making sure we have maps and all the release forms needed for the trip

Oh and on top of that the pipes were frozen yesterday - no water for most of the morning.

But the Lord gave grace through it all and the only time I was truly overwhelmed was this morning when the table was full of all the things that need to be done.

So this is all you'll be hearing from me for this week.  :)  Have a great weekend.

Keep pressing on,

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