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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wednesday's Household - busyness in my business

Through all the changes in our house lately, this blog has suffered.  I really want to keep it up and I really want something new daily, but it hasn't been happening.  There are other things that are more important, but I still need this.  I still need to remember my biggest and most important job - my family.

So please bear with me through the bumps.  I'm still figuring out which way is up.  I'm enjoying where God has us right now, but sometimes I just forget that there's this thing called a blog that I started.

My Daily Five are getting done pretty much daily.  And I have my times scheduled out, just need to write "Blog Now" on my daily routine calendar.

Change is usually good, but sometimes it's stressful and sometimes even discouraging.  Also, have you heard?  It's tax season and that is taking up quite a bit of my time.

Keep pressing on, and keep your head above the water.

A quote I've been thinking about is from 31 Days of Clean - “Life-giving, in its most basic sense, is raising life above the level of mere existence.”


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