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Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Monday - get those papers in order!!!!!

I found this picture on my camera and don't know who took it, but I love it!!!

 Today is organizing papers, though I'm pretty sure I can't finish all I want to do with my business yet.  I'm waiting on some hanging folders and I think I'll have to get a small file box for the majority of the hanging files.  I love my Fold N File though for sitting on my kitchen counter.  It makes for an easy way to quickly grab a catalog or order form.
 All the catalog, order forms, brochures and fliers at my disposal.

I do have another file box, not near so pretty sitting on my kitchen counter, for the school papers, and technically it's for bills, but that's never been a good place to leave something for me.  A white little tote type thing like the one below works for all my office stuff, since I work on the kitchen table.  This white tote is holding my extra catalogs and papers till I make an office.

Most everything is filed away and ready for the next party.  Another great use for the file box is for recipes.  Those recipe boxes are awful small and usually don't fit those 9x13 sheets of paper that you print from your computer.

Got any other ideas for getting papers in order?
Keep pressing on.

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