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Monday, December 17, 2012

Compost project - part 1

My new project has been a compost place.  I've wanted one for a long time, and I've been waiting for Carpenter to have time. 

Recently I decided to tackle some of these projects.  I might as well try. This is my first one.  It's taking a long time because I only get a half hour or so a couple times a week. So this is just part one.

First I took some boards that had cement on them.  Carpenter thought I should use them since it's for composting.  But I had to scrape off the cement where the saw would be touching or it would ruin the blade.

Then I ripped the boards to proper width.  My first time ever using some of Carpenter's tools.  This one is a little scary.

I love how Eastern Red Cedar looks when it's just been cut.  Some of it is almost purple.  I'd love to varnish it right away and hold that color.

And then I had to cut 80 of these little guys.  It didn't take long really and I thought it was fun.
So far I have the door frames together and I just have a couple more pieces to cut, but have yet to find a board I need for that.  Some of the cement boards were too full of cement for me to want to tackle the job of scraping it off.  I found some of Carpenter's scraps, but I need to go to the kiln to find something that might work, or the wood shed.

I may or may not have something new on  this project next Monday.  I haven't decided if I'll just do something Christmasy for Christmas Eve and Day or not.  But the next set of pics will be coming.

We've been busy setting up lights and doing all the things that are on the popsicle sticks and celebrating birthdays.  The last one of the year is Wednesday and I told Waterman that we've ordered snow.  We have a 60-70% chance of it.  

I hope that you are enjoying the holidays.

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