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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Candy Cane cookies

We always made Candy Cane cookies when I was little.  I say always, but I'm not sure.  I think we did.  My memory of childhood seems to have completely disappeared at times. 

The link above is where I found a recipe for these yummy and fun cookies.  It does take a little bit to make them, but no more than rolling them out and cutting out cookies.  Also because I allow the kids to make them with me and don't worry about their shapes, it's easier.  They do turn out interesting, but with practice the kids will get better.  They will just go in our cookie jar instead of someone else's.

So today, we will be making these.  But I have to go get some powdered sugar, because I'm pretty sure we are out after making the treats we shared with Sunday School teachers etc. 
 Make balls of each color of dough and then twist them together and shape like a candycane. 
We made these last week and they are almost gone.  One nice thing about cookies is that they freeze easily and I have a few dozen tucked away in the freezer.  Our gingerbread cookies aren't decorated, but we'll do that when we are ready to take them out and eat them.

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