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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bible Study - encourage others

In order to be an encouragement to others, we need to be filled ourselves.  We need to spend time away with the Lord to be refreshed.  Do you have a special time to just spend with Him to learn what He has for you today?

Study His Word.  He speaks to us through His Word.  He shows us His plan for us.

Memorize.  Hide His Word in your heart.  This will benefit you throughout the day and allow for His Word to continue speaking to you.

Now, you're ready.  Who can you serve?  Who does God want you to minister to today?  An obvious answer would be the little people running around under your feet.  They are our first priority.  But can you think of others who would enjoy a phone call or a card or a hand-written note?  These things don't have to take long - just five minutes will be enough to let someone to know you care.

We are called to serve, to be merciful and to give.  This is how we let our light shine. 

Making the most of today.

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