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Monday, December 2, 2013

Project Monday - decluttering drawers part 2

I wanted to show you how I "stepped it up" in the drawers department.  I can never find anything in the kids' top drawer.  Socks, underwear, pajamas and their favorite things are a jumbled mess in there. 

So I used some plastic and some cardboard shoeboxes to remedy the problem.  The girls share the top drawer so they only have room for socks and underwear and a shoebox for each.  I went up there today after the holiday weekend and took this picture.  It's still neat!!!! Amazing.

Pajamas have to go in with their play pants because there isn't room for them up in this drawer.

Favorite things are for desks - they each have one and since we don't homeschool this year, they are for special things that they want to keep. 

Problem solved!!!  Now on to the next problem!

Games and puzzles and books!  De-cluttering.  I was overwhelmed with how to organize it, but I think the answer lies in getting rid of a few games and puzzles that we don't use.  We have an abundance of puzzles and usually my mother-in-law brings a couple every time she comes, so we should be getting rid of them a bit as they come.

An idea is to make a specific shelf be designated to games or puzzles and once it's full we'll need to remove some before we get more.  In case you are wondering, my mother-in-law gets her puzzles and games from the thrift store for 50 cents or a dollar and so we have her permission to pass them on, when we're done with them.

My project seems huge, but since we'll be eating our "elephant" one bite at a time, it won't be a huge deal.  I will break it down to daily projects for the week.  :)

Keep pressing on.

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